Zero-waste, không rác thải – Liệu chúng ta có đang mơ?

Are we zero-waste dreamers?

Are we zero-waste dreamers?

Zero waste: this has become a big word by now but are we really living it or just use it to be a part of the movement? I mean; zero waste is not as easy as it sounds and you must be ready to give in a bit. Not that it is really giving in but for a start it may feel like that.

Let’s start with the plastics. On social media it looks like everybody is concerned and pictures about plastics on the beaches, in te ocean, on the side of the road shows that there is no away when it comes to plastic trash. As we are concerned at the same time reducing our own plastic waste isn’t always easy. Once you start trying to reduce your plastic waste, it suddenly appears everywhere you look - from your food packaging to your cleaning products; from your bathroom to your makeup bag. It can easily feel unavoidable and for a part it is. So let’s see where we can make a difference.

Here at ekoko we are facing challenges on one hand but also have solutions on the other hand. Let’s have a look where we can contribute to minimize waste.

Bodywash & Shampoo

Soapbars and shampoo bars are a great solution to eliminate plastic waste in the bath or shower. They replace completely your plastic bottles and are very economic in use. Not only that but at the same time you avoid using chemicals or other harsh ingredients. 

Yes we do pack them but in biodegradable packaging. The packaging is giving all information that you need as our customer so it is indispensable. We don’t want to sell a ‘naked’ product from which you don’t know the ingredients, production date and shelf life and license.

Should you still prefer liquid body wash, shampoo or conditioner then we do have a refill solution in our store in Hanoi. You can bring your own bottle or buy a glass bottle in our store. We also offer that solution for other retailers.

Our plastic bottles

We are planning to eliminate all plastic bottles that we still offer but need time to find replacement that is affordable. However we will not start any new production anymore so please understand when a product wil be sold out.

Dental care

Most toothpaste not only is packed in plastic but often also contains microplastics and other harmful ingredients. In many western countries a new tooth-care product is becoming increasingly popular. Here at ekoko we offer Dent-tabs that are imported from Germany. This is a great new and 100% natural way of cleaning and polishing your teeth with zero waste. Combined with our biodegradable bamboo toothbrush you are all covered.

Daily living

We are just at the start of our collection of products that can support you in your aim of avoiding plastics in daily life. Why not take your own re-usable tumbler to the coffee or tea house? Or your own easy-to-clean straws instead of accepting plastic straws? A package can be easily closed with our strong kraft paper tape instead of the never disappearing plastic tape. More to come!

By now quite well known are the 5 R’s but let’s just list them up on more time here:

  1. Refuse: learn to say no to promotional stuff, toys, plastic bags, straws or whatever they offer you
  2. Reduce: let go of all the things we do not really use or need in our home.
  3. Reuse: swap disposables for reusables, replace paper towels with washable cleaning cloth’s, replace sandwich bags with jars or boxes, Go to the grocery store with tote bags, mesh bags, etc.
  4. Recycle: avoid materials that are not recyclable
  5. Rotting: composting is the last rule, the last resort before the landfill

So do we reach the zero waste lifestyle with this? Probably not but it is a start and you will see it is the opposite of what man people think. 

The zero waste lifestyle is the complete opposite of what a lot of people think. It gives you a richer life, a more simple life maybe, but a life that is based on experiences instead of things, a life that is based on being instead of having.

Finally we at ekoko have committed ourselves to make the move and strive for the zero waste offer. And we are living it day-by-day.