Loạt sản phẩm mới Vegan

Our new Vegan Series

You know that we at ekoko stand for natural. Yet not always 100% possible we aim to do more every time, searching for the limits.

Now we can offer you our new Vegan brushes so if you want to find a natural, eco-friendly and sustainably-made dry brush that is healthy for your skin? We have them right here for you, in 3 different versions. What makes them so special?

The have cactus bristles with a special ‘curved cut’ that prevents the brush from scratching your skin.

The bristles are blinded by hand and then glued into the bamboo or wood with a 100% plant based glue.

The surface of the bamboo or wood is protected with a sealant made from 100% plant based material. 

The handle of the long bathbrush is made of rubber wood (Pará rubber tree), is commonly seen as an "environmentally friendly" wood, as it makes use of plantation trees that have already served a useful function. 

The palm-held brushes have a Bamboo handle that is coming from plantations as well.


Bàn chải khô cơ thể ekoko có tay cầm dài

Let’s check them out:

ekoko’s dry body brush with a long handle:

Not only does this body brush have natural materials, it also is made for professionals.

In addition, the fixed handle enables you to have a firm grip and easily access to more body parts. The natural rope at the end of the handle prevents it from slipping out of your hands.

ekoko’s palm held dry body brush:

Alternatively, you can opt for a smaller vegan dry brush that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Although you can’t easily reach your back with the handle-less body brush, some people find it more comfortable to use. Plus, you can use it wet or dry.

Some people like to use a brushing action to open pores in a hot shower and build a lather with a cleansing soap. On the other hand, you can use it on dry skin to exfoliate before a shower and then rise off afterwards.

In addition to this brush’s versatility, the smaller size makes it easier to travel with. (For example, if you want to use it after sports instead of at home.)

The ergonomic design basically turns the brush into an extension of your hand. In other words, you don’t need to grab on to a handle while you use it, and you get great control.

It comes in 2 sizes, 50 and 65mm

Cọ chải khô cơ thể ekoko

ekoko’s palm held dry body brush is more than that:

It is also a versatile brush for kitchen use. Great for cleaning veggies and fruit.

Clean all your vegetables from potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, beets, with ekoko’s bamboo veggie brush.  Natural cactus bristles gently scrub dirt out of deep edges and crevices, leaving your (organic) fruits and veggies clean and ready to prepare.

It is also a lightweight, attractive alternative to hard wood, metal, and plastic utensils.  Unlike wood & plastic, bamboo will not scratch non-stick cookware so you can use it for cleaning this as well.

Rất tuyệt vời để dùng nó làm bàn chải rửa sạch rau và trái cây.