Bông rửa mặt Konjac, không chỉ dành cho phái nữ!

Konjac facial & body cleansing sponges, not only for ladies!

The first time I have been using a Konjac sponge was an amazing experience. It made me want to have it in our ekoko assortment. But it took us some time honestly to find the right source for the right (best) quality and price. But now we are happy to introduce it and let you share the great effects from this natural source.

The Amorphophallus Konjac, also known as Konnyaku, is a typical Asian vegetable. It’s origin is to believed the Indochinese region and has been introduced to Japan by Chinese merchants. The Japanese then started using it over 1500 years ago as a traditional healthy food. Besides 97% water the main ingredient is Glucomannan, a calory-free dietary fiber rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, D and E), protein, lipids, fatty acids and natural minerals like copper, zinc, iron and magnesium. That makes it also excellent for use in skin care. The Japanese discovered that already 100 years ago.

The Konnyakku is growing in highlands like in the picture. Not the plant itself or the flower is used for the sponge but the root.

The modern and clean way of producing the sponges is adding water to Konjac root powder and make a paste of it. Then adding calcium hydroxide. This paste is then poured in moulds and heated to become solid. They are slowly dried in frozen condition to evaporate water and alkaline. That is the last step of the process before they are packed in clean bags.

Ekoko offers the best selection of Konjac sponges, no less then 6 different ones: with bamboo charcoal, pure, with rose, with blueberry, with French red clay and with green tea.

Now it is time to share my experience even before we decided to get it in our assortment. A friend from Europe had given it to me because she was ridiculously enthusiastic and said it would be a great thing for us to offer. My first reaction was that it felt like a hard black stone almost. But she explained it. First you need to soak it in water and then the sponge becomes soft and almost twice as big. Push the water out but don’t twist or squeeze the sponge.

Time to start cleaning my face.

That was some experience, it felt a bit strange because of the texture but also very soft and light exfoliating. You feel that something is happening with your skin but much softer then scrub, a brush, loofah or so. It is so soft that I even cleaned my eyes with it in a most comfortable way. It was special en somehow you have the feeling that you did not feel it but it really worked!!

After use it is needed to clean the sponge with water en dry it again, best in the wind. You also can put it in the cooler to keep it well. Always use it gentle and not in a rough way to use it for a longer time. The thing I did not understand at first was that you do not need to use a special cleanser for your face with this puff. A little bit of all-natural soap or even no soap at all will do the job.

So if you want to become a part of the fast growing global ‘konjac-using-community’ then order yours here to make your skin look beter then ever.  After use just put it back in nature, it is 100% natural, save for the environment and biodegradable.

Almost forget to mention; my husband now also uses it after shaving and loves it! And I do as well...

This is a updated version from our original blog published on 10-05-2018