Zero waste! Bảo vệ cơ thể và Hành tinh cùng một lúc

You have 2 Homes: Our Planet & Your Body!

Taking care of your 2 ‘homes’ is connected in many ways.

With good reasons many people are raising their awareness about the need of a healthy and clean planet but we tend to forget about our other “home”, our BODY! Take a moment and ask yourself what you’re doing to help both of your homes.Because a happy you – mentally, physically and emotionally, makes everyone around you and us happy!

For example your daily routine when it comes to taking a shower, using skin creams and make-up. You should be aware that many of these products, especially the industrial ones, contain lots of harsh ingredients like chemicals, microbeads (tiny plastic pieces) and other stuff that is not good for our skin (our largest organ) and not for our environment. All of these products are made for single use and the remains land up in the veins of Mother Planet. Once you take a shower or wash your hands the chemicals flush away with the water, piling up in the groundwater and oceans to stay there forever. Where it comes to the packaging we fill the planet with plastic bottles and much more packaging. We all see the pictures. 

We made a promise to ourselves to fade out all the materials that are a burden to the environment. We never had to worry about our products, they have always been free from Paraben, SLS, Toxic chemicals, Animal testing/animal based ingredient or any other harsh stuff. And they always have been biodegradable. 

So with that taking care of your ‘Body Home’ finds a great score with our products. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

That leaves us with the packaging, so what did we do over the past year?

Together with our ‘old’ packaging that already had been ‘planet-good’ we covered now over 70% of our sales with biodegradable packaging. In addition about 20% of our products do not have any packaging at all. So we proudly can say that over 90% of the products we bring to the market are great for our environment.

With that taking care of your ‘Planet Home’ finds a great score as well!

Of course we keep on working on the items that still need care. The first thing is that we have to find the right solution in protecting the product so that it reaches you in perfect condition! We wil keep you posted on that.

So are we ZERO WASTE? No and honestly; can you show me who is? 

Are we MINIMAL WASTE? Absolutely! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️