Xà phòng handmade: Số lượng hay chất lượng?

Quantity or QUALITY?

When ekoko started making natural handmade soap some years ago it was because there was almost no affordable quality soap available and ekoko has been one of the brands opening that market segment. However, like is happening all the time with all kind of products, imitations have been entering the market with all its shapes, quality and price-levels.

Customers then can be easily disappointed with a product,  experiencing a finally not-so-good product and then turn back again on the old, not natural, soaps.It may sound strange to make a comparison with kitchen towel and toilet paper but we do all know the difference between the strong ones and the cheap ones…. Sometimes even the ‘big roll’ has a large core and finally turns out to be finished in half-time. Everything has its price!

So let’s talk about soap and yes; I would like to explain a bit about the price of real handmade natural ekoko soap. For those who never used this kind of soap a price of 69.000 up to 139.000 could be a barrier unless you know the difference. To have an objective look you need some more information. Ekoko soap is not the cheapest but you do get value for money. Great quality packed full of the honest and right ingredients.

First of all ekoko offers an extremely wide range of different soapbars that have one thing in common; they are suitable for body and face, that’s why we call it ‘Shower & Face Soap’. It comes in over 30 different scents/ingredient combinations. Each with its own usage properties. Some are lightening the skin, some are odor fighters, some are exfoliating, others reduce ar remove acne, inflammation etc. Ask us and we will propose you the right one for your personal use.

Then there is a big difference with industrial soaps. Our ekoko handmade soapbars clean instantly and keep your skin supple and soft. The natural glycerin that is transformed from natural oils and butters during the saponification process treats your skin like a baby and slows down the aging process. Did you know by the way that all our soaps are anti-bacterial without any chemicals? Even people with sensitive skin confirm after using ekoko soap that they never expected this smoothness. And they are our loyal customers now.

Getting back to the different prices in the market. The big difference between ekoko soap and other handmade soaps is the formulation that results in a hard and long lasting soapbar where others change with temperatures, getting soft (sometimes even feel like gel with hot weather) and literary are flushing away with water. Customers ask us if we have 100g soapbars for vnd 50.000 or less. No we don’t and after asking we know why. Turns out the soap is gone in 10 days where-as ekoko soap at least doubles that time-usage. And we hear that many times….

Most handmade soaps produced in Vietnam, if not made from pre-purchased blocks, are made with coconut oil as a main ingredient. That because it is available and cheaper then other oils. Ekoko is using (controlled) sustainable palm oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, cacao butter etc. And yes we also use some coconut oil because of the foaming effect. Coconut oil gives you indeed the comfort of foaming but the biggest disadvantage is also the drying effect, it can change the scent of your soap and finally the soaps shrinks faster so that the 100g even without using it can become much less. So all and all it easily doubles the cost per shower….and does not contain vitamin E like the palm oil with is seen as a ‘herbal’ for skin and hair.

So the choice is easy in our opinion; paying a little more in this case is resulting in getting a lot more. More showers, more quality, more face washes, more skin benefits, more ‘scent experience’, much more value for money.

Ready for it? We guarantee you satisfaction!