Tóc rụng. Mụn nổi đầy. Làm sao cho hết?

Hair loss and acne problems; what to do about it?

I guess we all face the same stupid thing when it comes to fulfill wishes. The problem is called PATIENCE!

Sure, patience is sometimes a pain in the ass, a thorn pricking you all the time. making you wait while your body and mind are fighting against it. But we want what we want and we want it now. Right? But wake up because life is not always bringing you instantly what you want and I am sure you will recognize this. Fact is that we are ‘just’ human and the laws of nature are most of the time stronger then us. We can not catch up with that.

From time to time there are great people doing even greater things. But finally also they become just dust over time. What they give us we can still see in the museum, read a book about it or simply using it day by day without even realizing how special that is. So what about us?

I just want to point out that we are extremely small parts of the universe and our wishes can not be easily achieved. Yes; i can not stand the word forbearance, it is like a rock between me and what I want….

So what has that to do with ekoko? Because we often get question from our customers, for example about how to get rid of acne or how to prevent hair loss. And you can guess that patience is again the magic word….

Problem one: Acne, a persistent problem for those who have it. 

Acne is most noticeable on the face, forehead and back; men - women - minors, anyone can be a victim. If you observe people in public it is not uncommon to notice that at least 20% is facing skin problems. Acne is a big deal of them. But to cure acne you must know the cause, so if you can bare it a visit to a good dermatologist can be worth it. However; you yourself can try to find out if it is caused by endocrine (hormons so from the inside), by skin hygiene (from the outside) or a combination of both. If it come from the inside you may need medications, live and eat healthier to overcome it. The outside factor you can control yourself more easy.

So the first thing is good skin hygiene. This means that daily bathing with water alone is not enough because water does not wash away the sebum that the body secretes. Especially during puberty it has a strong metabolism, Your body separates a lot trough the skin and kids/young people are many time easy with the daily routine; they make the daily bathing simple and easy. That means that these excretions are not washed away well and can also cause acne by inflammatory pores. The solution in this case is good daily hygiene (1-2 times) face and body with appropriate cleansing products. So what is appropriate?

Choose the right cosmetics: if you use the wrong type of cosmetics, the most obvious consequences are allergies. irritation or acne growing more then before. This is not uncommon since cosmetic products are made up of many ingredients in one product, and many of them use clogged petroleum-based chemicals - clogging pores, emulsifiers - easy to irritate and other ingredients that your skin did not ask for. So many people step back to the extreme; only washing with water….we explained before what the effect of that is.

So the first thing is considering using products that are made with natural ingredients. Yes even if you pay a bit more for it, nature will pay you back. And obviously it costs a bit more for a reason, right? It should be clear that the cost of a good long-lasting product finally leads to a quite economical cost per day. Of course you can buy many products with the title ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ but what is inside? Good products like ekoko are clear with that and guaranteed. Green products have the greatest similarity to nature, and with the living organism, it creates harmony when used, is effective in improving the skin condition and minimizes the risk compared to using industrial products that may contain ingredients as mentioned before.

So, in summary, except for hormonal causes, we can overcome many of these skin problems by changing our diet, changing habits and how we respond to inflammation. Using good skin care with natural products is a great idea, though the results do not come immediately as a miracle. But the results will come and will be significant and clear. At the same time; keep using it to prevent new outbreaks somewhere in the future. That is the sweetness of patience.

Problem two is hair loss. 

Unfortunately, the cause of hair loss is also many times affected by hormones, body condition (stress, bad sleep at night, scalp disease) and also by bending, dying hair, using to many chemical care products etc. We all want ‘great hair days’ but what does your hair want?


If in your family things like baldness, hormonal changes occur as normal, if you are in a post-menopause, have chemotherapy etc. hair loss is unavoidable, no matter what you do. It only decreases when the cause ends.


But with other subjective factors, such as body strain using improper cosmetics, you can adjust yourself, and results will come slowly, do not expect to happen in a couple of days, even 1-2 weeks (look at the tree, it takes time from germination, a leaf, 2 leaves ... until it’s mature enough to give flowers or fruit). The living organism, too, needs some time to adjust. Sometimes when you switch from industrial shampoo to natural shampoo, the results seem to be more troublesome: lesser foam so a bit harder to think you are washing your hair, hair still falling, dandruff did not stop... 

But give your hair the chance to adjust itself, natural products will never try to cover things up but build from the base. The base that is your hair roots and scalp.


Natural products are not (yet) so much available on  supermarket shelves, simply because the prices are higher then the non-natural industrial products. People that value their body however (you have only one right?) are willing to pay a bit more and enjoy the results. 

So be patient, be patient, be patient….

Wash your hair every 2-3 days depending on the hair condition, do wait longer because the climate in Vietnam is hot and humid, rub your scalp well and rinse a bit longer with clean water. Make sure that one day you suddenly see 'hey, this time my hair is better than ever’, and give yourself a big smile.  


Getting back; I still hate ‘PATIENCE’ very much. Even nature can not change that!