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Why your favorite celebrities use natural shower soap and skincare

There is a very popular saying in the health community, “You are what you eat”. This can also be applied to beauty and skin care. It is not just foods that are adulterated with toxic chemicals, cosmetic products are just as much inundated with equally noxious substances, parabens and formaldehyde that over time gets absorbed through our skin, causing premature aging and sometimes even cancer and other illnesses.

This is a fact that many people aren’t aware of. But with a growing population of influential celebrities turning to natural skincare products, more people are becoming cognizant of not only the problem but also the solution; natural shower soap & skincare.

Here are 5 main reasons why celebrities are embracing eco friendly beauty brands

  1.  They don’t poison your body- If anyone knows how to make beautiful people look even more stunning, then it’s Rose Marie Swift, the Victoria Secret’s make up artist, and the founder of RMS- a very popular organic beauty brand. She abides by the mantra 'skin is a mirror to your gut'. She noticed a loss in memory, hair loss, and a weakened immune system due to her prolonged use of commercial skin care. Now, she strives to use and create products that are as pure as possible, because she believes those not only enhance your beauty but they also heal your skin and shield it from further damage
  1.  They don’t irritate but nourish- The supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, ostracized traditional sunscreen by calling it poison. Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Retinyl Pamitate, Homosalate, Octocrylene, and Parabenes are just some of the ingredients found in traditional SPF that can cause adverse chemical reactions, as well as damage cells and even trigger mutations. Plus it’s not just the sunscreens which contain skin irritants, the aluminum compounds in deodorants, sulfates in shampoos, certain emollients like isostearyl isosterate and lanolin in moisturizers, are just a few of the other culprits that do more damage than good.
  1.  You can eat it- They say that women eat 7 pounds worth of lipsticks in their entire life. A traditional lipstick has inordinate amount of toxins, some of which includes acetate, methylparaben, propylparaben, retinyl palmitate. Whether it be lotion, or cosmetics, you have to remember that it will be absorbed by your skin. If you can’t eat it or pronounce it, it doesn’t belong in your body.
  1.  It is fresh not fake- Some of the most beautiful women on earth use all natural shower soap & skincare products to maintain the radiance and youthfulness of their skin. Natural products contain naturally high performance ingredients that once absorbed works towards renewing and repairing your cells from within, which then makes your skin glow. Think about it, the world’s finest foods use no chemical additives. It is the same with skincare. The purest ingredient gives the best result.
  1.  It is good for the planet- Natural beauty products contain no genetically modified or chemically enhanced ingredients whose production can massively destroy our planet. The fertilizers and pesticides ruin the health of both us and the Earth. Once the demand for them subsides, so will its presence. A cleaner future is what we want, and by using organic skin care we can help do exactly that.

Want to look beautiful? Use beautiful products with clean ingredients like ekoko natural shower soap & skincare.  That’s what some of the world’s most stunning women do.