Sử dụng Dầu gội bánh, shampoo bar như thế nào?

How do you use our shampoo bars?

How do you use our shampoo bars?

Please share with us your personal shampoo bar technique!

Because there are increasing concerns for healthy hair and a healthy environment, our shampoo bar sales have been going up from the beginning.  As a result we got many questions about how to successfully use a shampoo bar. For some people, there is no adjustment period. For most people, there is a small adjustment period. For others, the adjustment period can become an more heavy task. The problem is that there are so many variables that can affect the way in which a shampoo bar will work for each individual that it is sometimes difficult to advice the proper solution.  Fact is that your hair, your water, the products you use or used on your hair, and even your hair washing technique can affect the adjustment period.

Last week as we replied to someone whose hair was not cooperating, we where explaining a shampoo bar technique shared with us by another customer. All of a sudden we had an "wow" moment--the realization that we where not using our most valuable resource, you, our customers. 

So, we are asking for your help--to help others.

If you are successfully using and enjoying our shampoo bars please share your experiences with our ekoko community in the comments box at the end of this blog!

  • What is your hair type (length, color, processed)?
  • Do you have hard water or soft water?
  • Did you have an adjustment period? If yes, please provide a brief description.
  • What techniques did you use to find success with our bars? Please share what you did (even if it seems unconventional).
  • How long did it take you to find the way to enjoy using it regularly?
  • What tips can you give someone who is just beginning their journey with natural shampoo bars?

Of course we value your information so all comments will be rewarded by a personal discount code of 10% on your next order.