Sản phẩm chăm sóc da tự nhiên, mua ở đâu?

What about tomorrow?

What about tomorrow?

Some time ago our blog about what is real on offered products using the definition natural and organic took the attention of many readers. That creates a good feeling because it shows that the topic is living amongst our customers. It proofs that there is a lot of curiousness and with that questionability on what is offered trough the different channels. 

Here at ekoko once again we only create and deliver products that are exactly as you may expect them to be. Produced under the best conditions and tested to secure the quality. Finally all our personal care products are licensed and checked by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

But is that enough for you as our wished retaining customer? The simple answer is no. No because once you give the trust to a product and you like or even love it you need to be sure that you can purchase it again, at the same quality as before, and the same price as before. We feel the same as you because we are picky people.

So this is where another kind of sustainability comes in; the sustainability of the shop that you have given your trust. We are proud ‘sustainers’ looking at that. Started almost 7 years ago we still offer the same products as we did then, sometimes improved the quality, changed the ‘looks’ by adaption of the packaging, but never raised any price…..even if cost prices have gone up. And we added multiple new products trough out the years, more to come so keep an eye on that.

Are we better then others? Well we are professionals in handmade products and don’t do it as a hobby, but it is our passion. Also we understand and learn more almost every day on what we have to do in order to stay ahead.

If we list that up we could say that we master 7 things:

  1. We are competent in what we do: This means that we will never start anything without having or getting the right knowledge about it. Because we only want it that way.
  2. We keep our promises: Promising something is a big deal for us. So whatever the reason is if things sometimes don’t go the way we told you, we will fix it. Because we want to have a good sleep at night.
  3. We are confident: This is more or less connected with being competent. I have to admit when I started my first business I was pretty shy. But slowly I learned that there was nothing to be shy about because I offered something really good. That’s now in our blood.
  4. We listen: You are our best source of information so we would be some kind of stupid if we did  not listen to, evaluate your questions, remarks and wishes. So that’s what we do. 
  5. We are vulnerable: This is a pretty scary thing sometimes. We see vulnerability as having courage to be us and sharing what we do so we expose ourself to the risk that others will copy us. But finally trusting ourselves in that creates happiness and productivity.
  6. We are empathic: To build trust, we need to understand you. As far as we are concerned empathy drives innovation, not technology. My better half Koko teaches me every day about the ‘Vietnamese’ way and what we need to do. 
  7. We are truthful: The truth in fact is a simple thing and sometimes uncomfortable to hear and say. But we are obliged to give you the one and only right information, wether it is about our products, our packaging, our service or what so ever. Simply being responsible.

Does this all make sense to you?