Những Bánh xà phòng tự nhiên này có... phép lạ?

Are our natural soap bars a kind of magic?

Of course we are proud on our little pieces of natural wonders here. If they have magic power as well we leave up to your own judgement but there are many other ways that our soapbars can be used.Let’s go:

1. Put a bar of soap beneath your sheets before going to sleep!

Many people have trouble falling asleep at night. Sometimes this happens because you just can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in, or perhaps because you have restless legs which makes you unable to sleep. For most of us, restless legs when sleeping only happen occasionally, but some people really suffer from something called Restless Legs Syndrom (RLS) 

Restless Legs Syndrome is a disorder that forces you to move while you are sleeping . The restless legs go together with a tingling feeling in your legs, as well as a burning feeling, itchy legs, leg cramps and the strong urge to kick. Even in your sleep! It isn’t exactly pain, but it is very annoying and frustrating, of course. It can get so bad that it can be very hard to actually sleep.

We have a simple solution for it, though. It might seem strange at first, but it does work and that’s the most important thing. Restless Legs Syndrome is caused by the acidification of your muscles, and to fix this you need something to counteract the acid. One of the things that can do that is soap, which is very suitable for the job. The trick is to put a bar of soap near your feet, beneath your fitted sheets. You will notice that the restless feeling will disappear from your legs. Try to do this every day if you want to establish a long term effect. The effects will be noticeable after an hour already! No joke…..and since we have a lot of scents it will give a nice an extra cool feeling.

2. Our bar soaps can also help reduce waste, another kind of magic.

There are many interesting things you can do with our natural bar soap. 

Bar soap is tremendously versatile and helpful when it comes to running a household. It's a cost-saver and they also help saving our planet in avoiding certain specialized products. Here are some interesting ways in which to use your bar soap, whether it's old or new.

Washing Dishes: Rub a little bit directly onto a washcloth or sponge.

Toothpaste: Add a bit to your toothbrush head and lather up.

Keep your nails clean: If you’re working in the garden, scrape your nails over a bar of soap before you start and it will prevent dirt from caking beneath, and wash out easily.

Use it while painting: Rub bar soap along the edge of windows, doorhandles, switch plates, or other hardware. If paint splatters, it will wash away easily.

Prepare pots for outdoor cooking and barbecue: If you plan to cook over a campfire or charcoal fire, coat bottoms with thin layer of soap, you will see that you can wash the black layer easy away

Make things smooth again: Apply dry bar soap to zippers, keys, rings, drawers, or sliding door tracks if they’re having trouble moving.

Keep bugs and moths away: Mix soapy water in a spray bottle and apply to the bottom of plant leaves. Put a small cube in a clothing drawer to deter moths.

Deodorize: Place several slivers of dry soap in a bag and pierce some holes. Place in a clothing drawer or in smelly shoes to improve smell.

Keep it in your toolbox: Rub a nail or screw over a bar of soap and it will go into a hole more easily.

Shaving: With a good lather and sharp razor, our bar soap does just as good a job as shaving cream.

Relieve itchy bug bites: Rub a our bar of soap on bug bites to soothe them. (They will also stay clean.)

Make a body scrub: Shred bar soap and mix with salt or coffee powder for an exfoliating body scrub.

Got leftover soap bits? Put the scraps into our soap saver drawstring bag. (Use the bag to lather up in the shower.

This is what we know and for sure there are more uses the we show here. As always we are curious to know if you can tell us some…..