Mua sắm trực tuyến tại Ekoko - vận chuyển không Plastic!

Online shopping at ekoko is plastic-free!

We all love the convenience of online shopping, we can do it at any moment of the day or even during the night. Chances are that this involves at many shops the use of unnecessary plastic, something that we don’t need anymore on our planet. Ideally, we wouldn’t want to use any plastic at all anymore but the reality is different.

First our products

In our experience most of our customers value how we pack our products. Still it would be possible to improve but not without a cost effect. Our soaps are good, minimal packing but we need a foil to guarantee the quality. But it is a recyclable foil. Other products like liquids are ‘a pain in the ass’ when it comes to changing them. We have a shampoo solution with our solid shampoo bars but some people still prefer liquids like shampoo and body wash. And they come in plastic bottles…….but of course we can change that to glass bottles. It would only mean that we need to increase the price and it has shown not to be accepted by the majority of our customers. Something to work on for the future!

Our online shipping!

I’m a very picky consumer myself. I only buy what I need and will search until I find exactly what I want. I mean; it takes some effort to earn your money so why should you spent (or spoil…) your money easy?

And once I found it I would like to have it plastic-free shipped. And that is exactly where we from ekoko make a big step forward! As from now on we will ship plastic free every (much appreciated) online order! We will explain how we do that.

First of all we ordered special size boxes that fit most of our products. By that we don’t need to much filling material. Secondly we will only use paper filling material and no plastics. Some shops write in their packaging policy that they substitute regular plastic with biodegradable plastic but what does that mean?  Biodegradable. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, let’s think about it. What does biodegradable mean? It means that a product will break down over time with the help of bacteria, fungi, oxygen, light, heat, and moisture.  Biodegradable plastics need an industrial facility to decompose and then, still, plastic will not 100% break down. Finally we will close your box with a specially for us made paper glue tape without plastic. And the glue is water based as well. WE ARE PROUD ON THIS YOU KNOW!

Reduce - Re-use - Recycle with us

Shopping online at ekoko pays off for you. Not only that you will not bring chemicals from your daily personal care into the water system, you will also not receive any unnecessary plastics. And we will launch some programs to offer you incentives to make it easier in daily life to reduce the use of plastics.