Lựa chọn nào 'xanh' hơn? Xà phòng hay sữa tắm?

Bar soap or body wash?

What’s the greener choice, bar soap or body wash?

It is not the right question. We have to ask ourselves ‘which is more green?’ The soap aisle in the supermarket can be intimidating and you will have to decide; do you follow these fantastic commercials as seen on TV, do you try something new, or do you stick with the old faithful? Luckily for us, scientists have poured some research into answering this question, and we have a clear winner: bar soap! Let us help you by shining some light on soap issues.

First of all you need some knowledge in this 21st century where we have more to think about than the difference between bar soap or liquid soap. What are the ingredients? There are components in most shower gels that take 800 years to disappear from our water system. We choose what we put in our bodies carefully, eating organic vegetables and free-range meat, but we don't think twice about what we put on our bodies.

Our skin covers and is protecting our body to the outside and it is our largest organ. It is our first line of defense against toxins and when you slather it with sweet smelling commercial body soap, you're waging war on your skin with toxic biological weapons. Not only does your skin secrete waste, but it absorbs every product you put on it and sends it to your organs, and even your cells. How do you find products that work and are good for you? The answer is research. Look at the ingredients. There are both bar and bottled soaps that contain only natural ingredients and a lot of them smell amazing.

Now that you have considered ingredients, it comes down to personal preference. It is up to you, if you like to use a bar soap and scrub your body a bit at the same time that is a perfect choice of course. And ours are really 100% all natural. Do you prefer a liquid then our body wash is a good choice. And we are honest: we still work on an affordable body wash ‘all green’ but at this moment we still need some ‘not all nature’ ingredients, even if it is only a little bit. We can make an 'all natural' right now but we think you will not like the price for it. 

In the age of ‘going green', being aware that even the soap you choose can have a negative effect on your body and the environment is a good step forward.