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Rocky Crystal Deodorant and why you should use it.

Rocky Crystal Deodorant and why you should use it.

Now that the clean beauty revolution looks to get awake it is almost hard to remember the time when you did not have to look for non-toxic products.

But back in the early 1980’s in the western world and before the term “natural” was cool, there where some products making their way out of dusty health-food stores and into the high-gloss fashion world. One of those products was mineral deodorant that looked like a stone but is an actual crystal that deodorized without harmful chemicals.

And though it’s maintained a cult following among natural beauty die-hards for over 30 years, the rock’s finding itself in the spotlight once again, thanks to the growing ranks of clean cosmetics crusaders. 

Clearly that is a good sign but is the healthy credit justified? And seriously, how exactly does a “crystal” keep your stink in check?

Here’s what you need to know about the Rocky Crystal Deo

How does it work? By wetting the rock and smoothing it under the arm, an invisible salt film sits on the surface of the skin. It doesn’t stop you from sweating, but it does keep odor-forming microbes under control.

The design is just a shaped rock with round edges so that it moves smoothly over your skin. Don’t drop it on a hard floor because it has a risk to break.

Is Rocky Crystal Deo considered safer than regular deodorant?

Though Rocky Crystal Deo is famously free of aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorohydrate—synthetic chemicals which have been linked to breast cancer—its key ingredient does contain a bit naturally-occurring aluminum that could potentially penetrate the skin when mixed with water.

However no studies have proven the element in its organic state to be harmful. Many doctors in the cancer treatment community recommend Crystal deodorant to their patients over conventional antiperspirants.

Add in the fact that because it’s long usage time it’s a fraction of the price of other deodorants, and it’s clear why this 1980’s phenomenon is the (Crystal) clear winner.

You need to sweat!

Your body was designed to sweat. It’s what nature intended. Your body releases sweat when you exercise or just when your core temperature reaches an unhealthy level. The sweat acts as a regulator to control your temperature and bring it back down to a healthy, safe level. In other words, sweat prevents overheating.

Sweat also helps to eliminate toxins from your body. Remember – your skin is an organ. And like many other organs, one of the purposes of your skin is to eliminate toxic substances. For example, mercury, cadmium and trace metals are eliminated when you sweat. BPA and phthalates may also be released through your sweat glands.

Finally, sweating helps rid your body of bacteria and even viruses – on the surface! When you sweat, your body releases a chemical called drmcidin. This compound is natural to your body, and it acts as an antimicrobial to your skin. It kills bacteria and germs that live on your body and may help prevent infection, too.

In short, sweat is good for you!