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There is Shampoo and Shampoo!

There is shampoo and shampoo!

Some of you that first started using natural shampoo find it a little disappointing, why doesn’t it feel smooth and fluffy like industrial shampoo products? Sorry, even if we don't want to, sometimes we need to choose between health, safety and a sense of 'luxury'

And the truth is, even if you wash your hair with traditional shampoo, you also find your hair hard and not smooth, not to mention the inconvenience of having to sit down and bow down every time.

After many years of experience using natural shampoo, I find it quite convenient. Our product is quite foamy and it makes the hair healthier and darker without dandruff. While maybe not feeling the ‘luxury’ feeling after washing, in return the feeling is very relaxing and perfectly fine. More important; I feel relieved because the time you use shampoo on your scalp is quite long compared to other body care products. Using the industrial shampoos is giving all harmful ingredients more then enough time to penetrate your body.

Did you ever notice the ingredients of the shampoo you are using? Most body washes & shampoos will typically use Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), as a main ingredient. They are called detergents, surfactants with the main purpose of cleaning, they very effective and cheap. However, these active substances are familiar irritants that cause atopic dermatitis. Sensitive people can't use them because they can make skin inflammation worse.

But if you are not one of the sensitive kind then you feel your skin is fine, so why do you need to change it? Unfortunately, in the chemical industry, eliminating by-products in the synthesis process is extremely difficult and expensive. Many active substances themselves may not be ominous enough to resist, but impurities in the synthesis process are the problem. In fact, some of the products containing SLES have been found to contain traces (up to 279 ppm) of 1,4-dioxane in the human risk group (Wikipedia). Does that make you think about it?

If you want a more secure, personal change for yourself and your family, use cleansing products made of natural and plant-derived substances. Lauryl glucoside is the main ingredient in ekoko's shampoo and along with Cocamidopropyl betaine they are the active ingredients. They work effectively to help you clean your hair, without the risk of health for long-term use.

Many people ask; what is the difference between liquid shampoo and shampoo bars? Let’s  explain that so that you can make your own choice!

Liquid shampoos (with main ingredients Lauryl glucoside and Cocamidopropyl betaine, green active ingredients of natural origin and derived from vegetable oils) will be more suitable for long hair, as they are easy to cover the entire scalp. However, the liquid form will contain water, so to combine the ingredients with different specific gravity, it needs more active ingredients to prevent separation and keep the product stable. No matter what you try, including all organic shampoo’s , liquid shampoos only reach about 92-95% natural ingredients. The rest are synthetic substances and preservatives.

Shampoo-bars, a rather unique product of ekoko, is made more or less like our handmade soap. Cold process but with more ingredients especially for taking good care of your hair. More oils and cocoa butter for example. They don’t need any preservatives and their shelve life is over 3 years! On top it is much more economic because it lasts long, double the hair washes from a bottle at least. It fits for all hair types but a bit easier with short hair.  Ideal for travelings well without the hassle of carrying liquids in luggage.

Finally some tips or of you want; some secrets that can help you achieve satisfaction when taking care of your hair: 

Should wash your hair normally 2-3 times a week; whit hot weather your scalp will sweat and you should wash it early regardless of your 'schedule'. Adherence to this will prevent itching and hair from dirty oil producing dandruff. This is true for every shampoo, not just for natural shampoo.

If you find that the shampoo is not foamy enough, then pre-wash your hair once, rinse it and the second time it will be fine. If it s not foaming it simply means that your hair catches quite some oil/dirt. 

Last but not least; this is not only valid for ladies but for everybody!