Bàn có dùng quá nhiều kem đánh răng?

Are you using too much toothpaste?

If you picture the perfect toothbrush, what do you see? I think it is the commercial one with the toothbrush bristles covered in paste, forming the shape of a wave. The paste starts at the front of the bristles and ends at the back. It’s simply so much toothpaste.

But if you don’t know better you never think about how much toothpaste we are using. And we are not the only ones. Even if dentists recommend a pea-sized amount of toothpaste most people use a whole lot more. How commercials can influence behavior! Also if using a fluoride one kids under the age of 6 are using way too much toothpaste and get much more fluoride than is good for them.

It is not clear if kids and adults are just copying the commercials on TV or just using too much by accident (sometimes accidentally you squeeze out far to much and then just go with it? Not using it is waste, right?). But definitely it is a negative thing. For adults it is not such a big health risk since teeth and bones are already developed, but it is a major factor when it comes to sustainability.

Too much toothpaste is waste on waste. You don’t need that much, so you’re wasting the actual toothpaste. And then, of course, the faster you are finished with the toothpaste tube, the sooner you need a new one, sending the old tube straight to a landfill. Like so much in our society, toothpaste is generally used without much regard for whether or not it’s really needed, and then it’s simply thrown away.

Besides all the other plus arguments (read this page) to use DENTTABS these little wonders establish also that you always have the perfect amount of teeth care.

You take only what you need, and don’t add unnecessary waste. The problem of too much toothpaste is solved with DENTTABS, one tablet at a time. Just the right amount, no more no less. You can start today to treat yourself and our planet with the right care!