Bột than hoạt tính liên quan gì đến trị mụn ?


First of all: charcoal has been used medicinally for centuries and ancient Egyptians are believed to have used it as a poultice to keep wounds clean. This old knowledge has then continuos been used trough out all the years in many products and let's not forget to clean and purify water in special filters.

Our Konjac charcoal sponge has mineral-rich charcoal powder. Charcoal cleans the pores deep to eliminate blackheads and dirt whilst absorbing excess oils and toxins. A natural antioxidant, it kills stubborn acne-causing bacteria and is an effective treatment for spot-prone skin. See more in our blog https://www.ekoko-handmade.com/blogs/kokos-blog/konjac-facial-body-cleansing-sponges-not-only-for-ladies


Our charcoal soaps (yes we have 2) also contain activated charcoal, this will not harm your skin so it is perfect for your daily cleansing routine. These soaps clean pore deep and the natural glycerine keeps your skin soft and supple. Read more here: https://www.ekoko-handmade.com/collections/xa-phong-handmade-handmade-soapbars/products/soapbarcharcoallavender 

and here https://www.ekoko-handmade.com/collections/xa-phong-handmade-handmade-soapbars/products/grease-monkey

However, don't expect charcoal to magically solve your skin problems. It supports but also you need to eat healthier.

If you are sensitive to acne then try to avoid eating/drinking to much:

Cow milk
High glycemic foods like white bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, pretzels, potato chips, cookies and cakes, etc
Junk food & Fast food

Try to eat more:

Fish or flaxseed
Green Tea
Juices from fruits & vegetables