Vegan round brush - Vegan brush round 50mm

Vegan round brush - Vegan brush round 50mm


This is a true multi-purpose Vegan round brush, meticulously handcrafted, and especially 100% natural, chemical-free. The bristles are the most important thing to determine the quality of a good brush. The Vegan Round Brush uses cactus bristles to make the bristles. It's durable but not too soft, just tough enough to help you clean. All glue and coating of 100% handmade from tree resin, no chemicals, no PU paint. You can use it as a cactus bristles dry palm brush to help remove dead skin cells, Helps stimulate blood circulation and effective collagen production, limiting cellulite, skin becomes smooth, firm, improving flabby, sagging.

The Vegan Round Brush is perfect for making a convenient, friendly yet effective fruit cleaning brush. Gentle bristles help you remove dirt on vegetables, convenient to scrub grapes, apples .. or vegetables such as bitter melon, mushrooms...  helps you prepare clean and healthy foods No chemicals or plastics involved.

Vegan round brush can be used as a manual dishwashing brush, the brush shape is suitable for holding in the hand and is flexible for manipulation. Once again, the cactus bristles with the right hardness help you clean gently without splashing water like nylon bristles.

This is a 100% natural, hand-crafted round brush that you will be truly proud of and love to own. 

 The product can be used for dry brushing or wet brushing.

100% natural products, including coatings, should be stored dry and airy after use for long-lasting beauty. 


This is what you call a real versatile brush! Suitable for dry brushing your skin but also to clean all your vegetables from potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, beets, courgettes, bell peppers etc. Natural cactus bristles gently scrub dirt out of deep edges and crevices, leaving your fruits and veggies clean and ready to prepare.

Also suitable for dish washing by hand.

Made of 100% bamboo/wood, cactus bristles, plant based glue and plant based protective stain.