Tinh dầu mùi, tinh dầu khuếch tán

Essential surround diffuser Asian Green Garden 140ml


Your choice when it comes to the scents of Asia; Coriander, Lemon, Jasmine, Patchouli & Pine are a true representation of Asian Green Garden.

We call these reed diffusers surround diffusers because of the high quality raw materials that we use. The ekoko surround diffusers are flooding the surrounding environment with fragrance, making it comfortable and welcoming. The pure rattan sticks allow the fragrance to spread in the air, determining its intensity and duration: if they are turned upside down several times a day, the stronger the scent is perceived. The alcohol used in the formulation is of vegetable origin, comes from sugar cane and is characterized by a pharmaceutical grade purity. The essential oils are selected based on their purity and consistent quality.

HOW TO USE: dip all the sticks in the bottle and turn them upside down depending on the desired intensity of fragrance. The scent will spread in the surrounding space by capillary rising.

Apothecary bottle 140ml with wooden cork stop, 10 rattan sticks included. We do not pack it in an expensive and planet-unfriendly box. It is beautiful as it is!

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Peter & Ha

Tinh dầu khuếch tán Asian Green Garden 125ml

Thành Lê

Mùi hương xanh mát và sảng khoái. Nốt mùi coriander, lemon và jasmin rõ nhất, hậu nốt gỗ (pine và patchouli). Đ[****] biết có phải do giao hàng từ HN vào SG bằng đường bộ bị xóc và nhiệt đ[****]y dung dịch bị tách lớp (có một lớp dầu trên bề mặt). Nắp gỗ bị sứt keo tách rời nút miệng chai và miếng gỗ tròn bên trên nên việc mở nắp hơi khó khăn.

Nguyen Hoàng Hậu
I love the smell!

The coconut soap smells just sooo good